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Aditya / आदित्य

Marichi was Brahma’s son. His son was Kashup. Kashup was married to the thirteen daughters of Daksha. Every offspring of the ladies belonged to an exceptional class. For example

  • Aditi gave birth to the Devatas (nymphs) and Diti gave birth to the Daitya (daemon).
  • Likewise, Danavas (monsters) came from Danu.
  • Vinta was the mother of Garuda and Arun.
  • Kadru was Naag Muni and Gandharva’s mother.
  • Yaksha and Daemons came from Ravasa.
  • Kulyas from Krodha.
  • Apsaras (heavenly nymphs) from Arishtha.
  • Airavat and Haathi (elephant) from Ira.
  • Shyeni and Shyen from Bhaas, Shuka etc from Pakshi.
  • Daitya, Danava and Daemons(Rakshasas) were jealous of their stepborthers, Devatas and had continuous friction.
  • Once, after years of battle, Davatas lost against them. Sad Aditi worshipped Surya. He promised to help by taking birth from Aditi’s womb in hundreds of numbers and fighting against the Daitya, Danava and Daemon(Rakshas). Aditi worshipped and followed many fasts even during her pregnancy. Kashup once scolded her 'Do u want to kill the fetus by following such strict fasts?'
  • That is why Surya was called Martand. He was called Aditya since Aditi was his mother. Asuras were burnt to ashes by the angry sight of Aditya and so Devatas got back their kingdom. Vishwakarma, pleased with Surya, married his daughter Sangya to him. [1]
  • Surya has 12 statues: Indra, Dhata, Parjanya, Tvashta, Poosha, Aryamaa, Bhaga, Vivaswaan Vishnu, Ansha, Varun and Mitra. These statues are located on Devarajatva, different subjects’ creation, clouds, medicines, flora, grains, wind operations, bodies, fire, landing, airborne joy, water and banks of Chandra Sarover respectively. Once Narad was astonished to see Mitra and Varuna doing penance. He asked Mitra “both of you are venerable yourself, then whom are you worshipping?” Mitra replied “the topmost position, highest place is of Brahma, and we are worshipping him” .


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