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Agastya / अगस्त्य

  • Agastya was a Vedic Siddhar or sage, said to have been the son of both Mitra and Varun by Urvashi. It is said that when Mitra and Varun saw the beautiful Urvashi at a sacrifice, their seeds fell from them. Some of it fell into a jar and some in the water. From the former was born Agastya and from the latter Vasishtha.
  • Agastya had two sons by his wife Lopamudra. He is said to have made the Vindhya mountains prostrate themselves before him, because they rose too high and blocked the path of the sun Vindhya.
  • According to another fable, he drank up the ocean because it had offended him and also to help Indra and the other gods in their war against the Kalkey demons, who had hidden themselves in the waters of the ocean.
  • Agastya, who lived in the Dandak forest, was once attacked by the Daemon Sund. The latter was cursed and killed by the sage, upon which Tadaka and her son, Marich attacked him, but the sage turned both of them into Daemon.
  • Ram, Lakshman and Sita, when in exile visited Agastya. It was from him that Ram obtained the celestial weapons. After Ram was crowned king of Ayodhya, Agastya went there with his disciples to congratulate him and give him his blessings. During his stay there he related to Ram of the descendancy of the demons, the boons obtained by Ravan and his brothers, Indrajit's might, the expelling of Kuber from Lanka, the birth and history of Hanuman, the rebirth of Vasishtha.