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Agnidev / अग्निदेव

  • Agnidev the god of fire, son of Brahma. He is equally the fire of the sun, of the lightening and the lamp lit by men for worship.
  • As the divine personification of the fire of sacrifice, he is regarded as the mouth of the gods, and the messenger between the gods and men.
  • Agni is also the Dikpal of the south-east and considered to be one of the eight Vasus. Among the Vasus, he was often referred to as Anal.
  • The lord of fire is described in the scriptures as having two faces, seven tongues, three feet and seven arms. He is accompanied by a Ram.
  • His wife was Svaha and by her he had three sons, namely Pavak, Pavman and Shuchi, who in turn had forty-five sons.
  • They all together, with Agni, constitute the forty-nine fires. Agni also had a son named Krathan by a Gandharvi to help the gods in their war against the demons.
  • When Sita decided to prove her chastity by the ordeal of fire, it was Agni who led her out unharmed and handed her over personally to Ram while declaring her pure and undefiled.