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Ahalya / अहल्या

  • Ahalya was the wife of sage Gautam. Enamoured of her beauty, Indra came to her assuming the form of her husband. Though Ahalya recognized Indra, she succumbed to his desires.
  • Fearing the wrath of her husband, Ahalya asked Indra to depart quickly, but just as Indra was leaving the hermitage, Gautam returned and perceived what had taken place.
  • The enraged sage cursed Indra, as a result of which the god lost his manhood. Ahalya was turned into stone by her husband, who told her that when Ram would liberate her from her curse, she would be purified.
  • Indra sought the help of Agni and on the latter's command, the Pitris replaced the manhood of Indra with that of a Ram.
  • Many years later, when Ram was on his way to Mithila with Vishvamitra, he came across Ahalya in the forest, and relieved her from her misery by touching the stone with his foot.
  • Ahalya then regained her original form and purity. After serving Ram, Lakshman and Vishvamitra, she returned to her husband.


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