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Alexander / अलक्ष्येन्द्र / सिकन्दर

  • Alexander was a Greek ruler of Macedonia. He is also known as Alexander the third or Alexander Macedonian. In history, he was the most efficient and bravest commander of the army. He ruled Iran, Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Bactria and Punjab in India.
  • Alexander’s father was Philip. Alexander first conquered the Greek nations and then moved to Asia Minor (modern Turkey). Persians ruled there at that time. Persian Empire extended from Egypt to north-west India.
  • He defeated Shah Dara the third in three different battles. His “conquer the world” was nothing more than defeating the Persians but also faced the local tribes. He fought against the locals in Egypt, Bactria and modern Tajikistan. He defeated Puru in India.
  • During Alexander’s attack on India, Chanakya (Vishnugupt or Kautilya) was professor in Takshashila. Aambhi, king of Takshashila and Gandhar, made a truce with Alexander.
  • Chanakya seeked the help of many kings to save India’s culture but nobody came forward. Puru fought with Alexander and lost. Mahapadmanand, king of Magadh, declined to help Chanakya and insulted him in his court.
  • Chanakya established a new kingdom with Chandragupt and defeated Seleucus, Alexander’s man in Punjab.