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Angad / अंगद

  • Angad was the son of Bali and Tara and the nephew of Sugriva.When Bali was killed by Ram, he asked Sugriv to look after Angad and Tara.
  • At Ram's command, Sugriv installed Angad as crown-prince. Angad, along with Hanuman, Jambvan and others, was sent by Sugriv to look for Sita in the southern regions.
  • Having been delayed by entering the magical cave, Angad and the other monkeys had not gathered any information of the whereabouts of Sita.
  • Fearing death for disobeying Sugriv, Angad and the others decided to fast and give up their lives. Just then they saw Sampati and obtained news from him about Sita and Ravan.
  • Angad offered to cross the ocean into Lanka and find Sita, but Jambvan counselled against it as being crown-prince, it was not right that he go while there were others to carry out his task.
  • Hanuman was sent to Lanka and upon returning from there he informed the other members of the team of his achievements. Angad wanted to go there and destroy the rest of the Rakhas and rescue Sita.
  • Again the wise Jambvan spoke and discouraged him from the idea as Ram had taken a vow to save Sita himself and they should not block his path. Just before Ram began his attack on Ravan, he sent Angad as his peace messenger to Ravan.
  • In the Ram-Ravan battle, Angad fought bravely and killed many ferocious Rakhas. After Sugriv, he became the king of Kishkindha.


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