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Angira / अंगिरा

  • Angira is believed to be the mind-born son of Brahma. He is also one of the Saptarishis along with Vasishtha, Vishvamitra and Marichi. He had enormous spiritual knowledge, was a maste in diligent practice, asceticism and power of vedic hymns. His wife, Smriti, was Daksha’s daughter.
  • He increased his magnificence and influence even more than Agni. At that time, Agnidev was doing penance under water. When he saw the powerful Angira, he pleaded to him ‘You are the first Agni, my glow is not as bright as yours and my efforts are insignificant.
  • Now nobody will know me as Agni. Angira chose Agni as his son and later he was known as Brahaspati.
  • Utathya and Samvarta were also Angira’s sons. Angira’s ‘Angira-Smriti’ has beautiful collection of teachings and knowledge of practices of dharma.
  • Sage Angira, his descendants and his pupils are the most mentioned sages in Rigveda. Scholars believe that all related to Angira is the seer of the ninth Mandal (circular) of Rigveda.
  • He is also the seer sage of the Angiras first, second, third etc Mandals and Katipaya Suktas. Some of the sages from them are Kutsa, Harinyastupa, Saptagu, Nramedha, Shankapoota, Priyamedha, Sindhusita, Veethavya, Abhivarta, Samvarta, Havirdhaan etc.
  • Ninth circular of Rigaveda which is written in 114 Suktas, is known as ‘Pavmaan Mandal’. Its verses are called Paavmaani verses. It praises Somedevata and saya that reciting these verses results in pleasing the Somedevatas.