Anguttara Nikaya

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Anguttara Nikaya / अंगुत्तर निकाय

  • Anguttara Nikaya is an important Buddhism record. It is written by Madant Anand Kausalayan.
  • It is published by Mahabodhi Sabha, Kolkata. It has many details of Indian history.
  • Boudha Sangh provides the rules and regulations for the monks.
  • Anguttara Nikaya has an importance of its own. The “Sutta” is arranged properly. It follows a numeric order.
  • It has numerous “Padarth” thematic collection of Budha’s preaching. Further on, it has 11 collections of Nipaat - Ekaknipaat, Duknipaat and Tik, Chatuvak, Panchak, Chakk, Sattak, Atthak, Navak, Dasak and Ekadasak.
  • Nipaat are further divided into Varga whose numbers from Nipaat sequence are 21, 16, 16, 26, 12, 9, 9, 9, 22 and 3. Like this a total of 11 Nipaat have 169 Varga.
  • Each Varga has many Sutta whose number in each Varga is from 7 to 262. So Anguttara Nikaya has 2308 Sutta.