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Bali / बालि

  • Bali is the Vanar king of Kishkindha, son of Indra by Aruni. Indra filled Bali with his own strength. When Bali became king of Kishkindha, his younger brother Sugriv served him faithfully.
  • Once, when he was fighting the demon Dundubhi, whom he later killed, spurts of the demon's blood flew around, and a few drops of it fell some distance away, in the Rishyamuk forest, where the sage Matang was performing a sacrifice in his hermitage.
  • The sage grew angry and cursed Bali, that if he entered the forest his head would burst into a hundred pieces. Another time, Bali was challenged by the demon Mayavi. Bali followed Mayavi into a cave where he killed the latter.
  • Beholding the blood gushing out, Sugriv, who was waiting outside the cave, thought that Bali was dead, and closing the mouth of the cave, he returned to Kishkindha, where he was crowned king by the ministers.
  • Bali, finding the cave closed, kicked it open, and on seeing that Sugriv was not there at the opening, he re-turned to Kishkindha, thinking that Sugriv had tried to kill him, and on finding him crowned king, he became furious and, ignoring his brother's pleas, set about to kill him.
  • Sugriv fled and took refuge in the Rishyamuk mountains where he knew that Bali could not enter. When Ram and Laxman came to Pampa in search of Sita, Sugriv agreed to help them.
  • Accordingly, Sugriv challenged Bali to a fight. Ram stood hidden behind a tree from where he shot at Bali and killed him, and restored to Sugriv his kingdom and wife, whom Bali had ravished.


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