Bhojan Thali

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Bhojan Thali / भोजन थाली

Bhojan Thali, Kamyavan

Some distance from Vyomasura's cave is Bhojan Thali, and near Bhojan Thali is Shirasagar, or Krishna Kund. After killing Vyomasura, Shri Krishna bathed in this Kunda and ate here with the gopa sakhas. The marks of a plate (thala) and of cups are still visible on the hill where they ate (Bhojan kiya).The place where Shri Krishna was sitting is also nearby. After eating, Krishna played with the sakhas on a nearby hill, where they used a stone as a musical instrument. This place can also still be found today. To this day, various sweet sounds can still be produced by playing on this stone, which is known as a Bajani Shila. Nearby is Shantanu Kund, the place where Shantanu performed austerities. Gupta-Ganga, Naimisa Tirth, Haridwar Kund, Avantika Kund, Matsya Kund, Govind Kund, Nrisimha Kund and Prahlad Kund are also all situated here. On the hill at Bhojan Thali is the place where Parshuram performed austerities and worshipped the Supreme Lord. Deities of the Shri Gaudiya Sampraday that are present in Kamyavan include Shri Govindaji, Shri Vrinda devil, Shri Gopinath and Shri Madan Mohan. Deities of the Shri Vallabh sampraday include Shri Krishna Chandrama, Navanita Priyaji and Shri Madan Mohan.


Places in Kamyavan

Vyomasur Cave · Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev (Kamyavan)·Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev Temple‎ · Prabodhanand Saraswati‎ · Setubandh Sarovar · Phisalani Shila · Charan Pahadi · Bhojan Thali

Kunds Of Kamyavan

Vimal Kund · Yasodhara Kund‎ · Vihval Kund‎ · Manokamana Kund · Narad Kund‎ · Luk Luki Kund · Dharm Kund‎