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Bodhi Tirth / Bodhi Ghat / बोधि तीर्थ

At Bodhi Tirth, Lord Buddha gives the right understanding (bodha) of the living entities' inherent nature, namely devotion to the Supreme Lord. Therefore, this place is called Bodhi Tirth.[1] It is said that in Treta Yug, Ravana secretly performed austerities at Bodhi Tirth as a nirvisesa brahma Gyani, a sage with impersonal monistic knowledge of God. In his Lahikavatara sutra, he introduced this impersonal knowledge, also known as bauddhavada, or Buddhism. Being a brahmavadi and nihsaktika[2]., he wanted to kidnap the wife of Lord Rama, Sita . In other words, he wanted to possess the potency (sakti) of the possessor of all powers (sarva-shaktiman). But Shri Ram killed this nirvesesa brahmavadi along with his dynasty. Simply by bathing at Bodhi Tirth, a man can easily deliver his forefathers and proceed to Pitrloka, the planet of the forefathers. Fortunate souls reach the abode of the Supreme Lord by bathing here in the Yamuna.

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  1. tatraiva bodhi-tirthantu
    pitrnamapi durllabham pindam datva tu vasudhe!
    pitrlokam sa gachchhati
    -Adi Varaha Purana

  2. One believing that the Supreme Lord has no potencies