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Brahma Kund (Vrindavan) / ब्रह्म कुण्ड (वृन्दावन)

Brahma Kund, Vrindavan, Mathura
  • This kund lies a little towards the south-west of Gyan Gudadi in Vrindavan.
  • Bhagvati Yogmaya Paurnamasi gave Mahadev Shankar the form of a gopi by dipping him in this kund.
  • Shri Vrinda Devi also gave Narad the form of Naradi Gopi by bathing him here, thus fulfilling his desire to take darshan of maha-rasa, which is very difficult to obtain.
  • There is an ashok tree on the northern side of this Brahma kund which blossoms with flowers at exactly noontime on the Dvadashi of Vaishakh-shukla.
  • Only extremely fortunate rasika bhaktas, however, can behold those flowers – no one else. This is stated in Varaha Purana.[1]



  1. tasya tatrottare parsve, sokavrksah sitaprabhah
    vaidakhasya tu masasya, dukla-paksasaya dvadadyam
    sa puspati to madhyanhe, mama bhakta-sukhavahah
    na kascid api janati, bind bhagavatam sucim ---Varaha Purana