Chakra Tirth

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Chakra Tirth / चक्रतीर्थ

  • Chakra Tirth is famous throughout all Mathura mandal. It is near Ambarish Tila.The place of Maharaja Ambarish , where he worshipped the Supreme Lord with all the limbs of pure devotion.
  • Once, this devoted king was about to break his Ekadashi fast at the auspicious moment on Dvadashi when the sage Durvasa arrived at his palace.
  • The sage's behaviour towards King Ambarish displeased Lord Vishnu's chakra, who chased Durvasa around the universe for an entire year.
  • Durvasa fled even up to Brahmalok and Shivalok, but the chakra pursued him relentlessly. Finally, he reached Vaikunthalok where Lord Vishnu advised him to go back to Ambarish , fall at his feet and beg forgiveness.
  • Durvasa did so, and Ambarish prayed to the chakra to spare Durvasa. It was by these prayers that the chakra stopped, and the sage's life was spared.
  • One who bathes here is liberated from sin, even the sin of killing a brahmana. By the mercy of Sudarshan chakra, he will obtain darshan of the Supreme Lord and his life will become successful.[1]

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  1. chakra-tirtham tu vikhyatam
    mathure mama mandale
    yastatra kurute snanam
    triratroposito narah
    snana-matrena manujo
    mucyate brahma-hatyaya ---Adi varaha Purana