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Dadhichi / दधीचि

  • Dadhichi was the son of Atharvan, a sage and his wife Chitti (Bhagavata Purana, 4/1), who was the son of Brahma.
  • He performed severe penances, the power of which increased daily. Seeing this, Indra sent the Apsara Alambusha to break his penance.
  • When Dadhichi saw her, his seeds fell into the river Saraswati.
  • In due course, Saraswati gave birth to a son, who was called Saraswat. When Shiva was not invited to Daksh's sacrifice, Dadhichi saw with his Yogic power what would happen, and warned Daksh. Unable to defeat the demon Vritra, Indra approached Brahma, who told him that a weapon made out of the bones of Dadhichi could help him kill Vritra.
  • At the request of the gods, Dadhichi readily gave up his life and from his bones, the Vajra was made, and Indra was successful in killing Vritra.