Davanal Kund

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Davanal Kund (Vrindavan) / दावानल कुण्ड (वृन्दावन)

  • Davanal means "forest fire".
  • On the day Kaliyanag was subdued, Krishna and Balram and the gopas and gopis could not return to their residences in Chhatikara as night had already fallen.
  • They moved away from the poisonous Kaliya Dah to a lake a little distance away to the east.
  • The water of this lake was clean and sweet, and after drinking water they rested here. Seeing a good opportunity to kill Krishna and His associates, the servants of the wicked Kansa set this forest ablaze in all directions.
  • Very soon, a devastating fire raged throughout the forest. Krishna told everyone to close his eyes.
  • He also closed His eyes, and at once swallowed that devastating forest fire as if it were cool water.
  • The pond where this pastime took place is called Davanal-kund.