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Dhruv Tirth / Dhruv Ghat / ध्रुव तीर्थ

After being pierced by the arrow-like words of Suruchi, his step mother, five year old Dhruva came to the forest at Dhruva Tirtha on the advice of his mother, Suniti. At this ghat Dhruva met Devarishi Narad, who instructed him to bathe here and gave him a twelve syllable mantra. Dhruva then journeyed to the isolated highlands of Madhuvan, where he worshipped the Supreme Lord by performing severe austerities, and finally received His darshan.
Those who bathe here are recognised on Dhruvalok. When anyone's forefathers are offered sraddha[1] at this place, they are granted results equivalent of offering pinda [2] in Gaya. [3] Many esteemed personalities in the disciplic succession of the Nimbaditya sampradaya have lived here, the only remaining place of that ancient sampradaya in Braj Mandal.

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  1. A ceremony in honour and for the benefit of deceased relatives, in which the forefathers are offered pinda, an oblation of rice or flour.
  2. A rice-ball or flour cake offered to deceased ancestors; oblation at the sraddha ceremony.
  3. yatra dhruvena santaprm, icchaya paramam tapah
    tatraiva snana-matrena, dhruvaloke mahiyate
    dhruva-tirthe ca vasudhe!, yah sraddham kurute narah
    pitrna santarayet sarvan, pitrpakse visesatah ---Adi Varaha Purana