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Dhruva / ध्रुव

  • Dhruva was an ardent young devotee of Vishnu, a prince blessed to eternal existence and glory as the Pole Star (Dhruva Nakshatra in Sanskrit) by Lord Vishnu.
  • He was the son of king Uttanpad and by his wife Suniti.
  • He also had a step-mother Suruchi, who had a son named Uttam.
  • One day, seeing Uttam playing on his father's lap, he too wanted to sit with him. When he tried to do so, his step-mother said to him with contempt, that if he wanted to sit on his father's lap he should have been her son. Dhruva went crying to his mother, who told him that if he wanted favour and fortune, then he should perform penance and please the gods.
  • Dhruva, immediately left the house and retired to the forest. Here, in spite of being still a child, he performed severe penances and obtained the favour of Vishnu.
  • Vishnu granted a boon that he would rise above all stars and constellations and all the worlds and remain fixed in the sky forever. Dhruva returned to the city and after his death, Uttanpad left the kingdom to Dhruva.
  • Dhruva married Bhumi, the daughter of Shishumar and had two sons, Kalp and Vatsar. He also had two other wives, Ila(daughter of Vayu and Shambhu. Ila bore him a son named Utkal and by Shambhu he had two sons named Shishti and Bhavya.
  • Dhruva's step-brother was killed by a Yaksh while he was hunting. On hearing of the death of Uttam, Dhruva went out to fight the Yaksh.
  • A terrible battle ensued and the Yaksh army was routed, till finally Kuber himself came, blessed him and took him to the appointed place in the skies for him, where he is today as the polar star.