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Dwarka / Dvarka / द्वारका

  • From the four Dhaam (holy places) of hindus, Dwarkapuri in Gujarat is considered as the Moksha (release from rebirth) giving place. It was constructed by Vishwakarma following the orders of Krishna.
  • Its Dwarkadhish Temple is also known as Ranchodji Temple and Trilokya temple. Sharda Peeth, one of the four Peeths established by Adishankaracharya, is here.
  • Dwarka is situated near to the sea in the west of our country. Krishna established it thousands of years ago. Dwarkadhish temple is situated in Kaankroli near to the lake Rajsamand. Krishna was born in Mathura, brought up in Gokul but he ruled Dwarka. He controlled the whole nation from here. He helped Pandavas, made the religion –the morals- victorious and got rid of sinful kings like Shishupal and Duryodhan. Dwarka was the capital at that time. Many great kings visited Dwarka and asked Krishna for advice.
  • From the four Dhaam (holy places) of Mewar, one is Dwarkadhish temple. Dwarkadhish visited Kaankroli from Braj in 1726-27. At that time people were terrified of the foreign invaders as they not only stole the wealth of the temple but also destroyed the temple and the holy statues. At that time Mewar was famous for brave and bold rulers. Dwarkadhish were first established in a small temple in Deval Mangari near Aasotia. After that he was brought to the huge temple of Kaankroli with a lot of enthusiasm. Today also Dwarka has its greatness. It is one of the four Dhaams. It is one of the seven Puris. Its beauty is beyond description. Big waves of the ocean appear as though they are touching its feet. Previously Mathura was Krishna’s capital but then he left Mathura and established Dwarka. Dwarka is a small town. One of its part has four boundary walls and all the temples are situated within this boundary. South of Dwarka has a huge pond called Gomti pond.