F.S. Growse

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F.S. Growse / फेड्रिक सालमन ग्राउस

F.S. Growse
1871 -1877, District Magistrate, Mathura
  • F.S. Growse originally belonged to the Bengal Civil Service. He was first appointed as Joint Magistrate Mathura in 1871 and the following year he became Collector and District Magistrate.
  • On this post he served for six years before his transfer to Bulandshahar in 1878. He was a sound scholar, an enthusiastic archaeologist and an able writer.
  • Exploring various mounds in and around Mathura he traced numerous antiquities including a good number of Buddhist.
  • Palikhera's Bacchanalian, Kukargaon's Naga and Chaubara's Rishyasringa images are some of the main discoveries made by Growse.
  • He was also responsible for founding the Mathura Museum in 1874. Besides his stray articles on the archaeological discoveries of Mathura in different journals, he made a wonderful contribution by writing the `Mathura Memoir' which is till date a celebrated work on the history and culture of the region.
  • He has devoted a complete chapter to the Buddhist city of Mathura and its antiquities. Even a renowned archaeologist like Cunningham recognized him as a great scholar.