Ghats Of Yamuna

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Ghats Of Yamuna / यमुना के घाट

Ghats Of Mathura

In Mathura, Yamuna flows in a crescent shape, and Vishram Ghat is in the centre. On her Southern side lie the following Twelve ghats:

  1. Avimukt Tirth,
  2. Guhya Tirth,
  3. Prayag Tirth,
  4. Kankhal Tirth,
  5. Tinduk Tirth,
  6. Surya Tirth,
  7. Batswami Tirth,
  8. Dhruv Tirth,
  9. Rishi Tirth,
  10. Moksh Tirth,
  11. Koti Tirth South
  12. Bodhi Tirth

The following Twelve ghats lie on her Northern side:

  1. Nav Tirth,
  2. Sanyman Tirth,
  3. Dharapatan Tirth,
  4. Naag Tirth,
  5. Ghantabharnak Tirth,
  6. Brahma Tirth,
  7. Som Tirth,
  8. Saraswati Patan Tirth,
  9. Chakra Tirth,
  10. Dashashavmedh Tirth,
  11. Vighanraj Tirth
  12. Koti Tirth North

All the principal sacred places of India, even Prayag, the king of all sacred places (tirth raja), worship the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna at the ghats of Yamuna Maharani under her shelter. During Chaturmasya especially, all the Tirths come here to perform their worship.