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Indra / इन्द्र

  • Indra was the eldest son of Kashyap by his wife Aditi.
  • Indra is the king of the gods. He is also considered the lord of the skies and is the regent or Dikpal of the eastern quarter.
  • Airavat, the elephant, is Indra's vehicle. Uchchaihshrava is the name of Indra's horse, and Vajra is Indra's weapon.
  • Indra was married to Shachi, and they had a son named Jayant.
  • Indra also be got on Kunti a son, Arjun. By Aruni, Indra had a son named Bali.
  • Indra once lost his throne in Svarg. During that period he hid himself in the stem of a lotus, till he later recovered the throne.
  • On another occasion, Prahlad conquered Svarg. Indra, on the advice of Brihaspati, went to Prahlad to obtain his noble qualities.
  • Indra disguised himself as a Brahman and went to Prahlad, who accepted him as his pupil. Prahlad instructed Indra about his behaviour. Seeing his pupil's devotion, Prahlad granted him a boon. Indra asked for all his good qualities. After Indra obtained these he regained his sovereignty and glory, while the glory of Prahlad began to decline.
  • Once, when sage Gautam was out bathing, Indra seduced Ahalya, the wife of the sage, as a result of which, Gautam cursed him and Indra lost his manhood. At his request, the Pitris replaced his manhood with that of a Ram's. Indra was also said to possess a thousand eves.