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Jambvan / Jamvant / जामवन्त

  • Jambvan the king of bears, created by Brahma from his yawn.He had a daughter named Jambvati. In reply to Sugriv's call for assistance, he supplied an army of ten crores of warriors.
  • Jambvan, Hanuman, Angad, etc. were sent by Sugriv to look for Sita in the southern regions. It was he who suggested that Hanuman cross the ocean to Lanka to look for Sita.
  • Jambvan narrated the story of Hanuman's birth and reminded the latter of the powers he possessed and convinced him to cross the ocean as he himself was too old for the task. Till Hanuman returned from Lanka with news of Sita, he stood on one leg.
  • During the army's march to Lanka, Ram appointed Jambvan to protect the rearguard. In the Ram-Ravan battle, the mighty Jambvan, along with Vibhishan and Sugriv, attacked the forces of Ravan at the central gate of Lanka. To revive the Vanar warriors, he asked Hanuman to get a special herb from the Dron mountain. During the coronation ceremony of Ram, Sugriv commanded Jambvan, Hanuman, Rishabh and Vegdarshi to collect water from the four seas. Jambvan had witnessed nine out of the ten incarnations of Vishnu.
  • The Syamantak jewel, given to king Satrajit by the sun-god Surya, was worn by Satrajit's younger brother Prasen when he went hunting, where a lion killed him and was walking away with the jewel in his mouth, when Jambvan killed it and took it from him. Krishna went in search of the jewel, and in the battle that ensued, Jambvan was defeated. Jambvan offered his daughter Jambvati's hand in marriage to Krishna and handed to him, the Syamantak jewel, as dowry.


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