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Jatayu / जटायु

  • Jatayu was a vulture, son of Arun by his wife Shyeni, and younger brother of Sampati.
  • Once Jatayu and his brother Sampati, competing with each other, flew towards the sun.
  • Jatayu flew very close and would have got scorched had not Sampati flown above him and spreading his great wings, protected Jatayu from the fiery heat of the sun.
  • Sampati's wings got scorched and he fell down among the Vindhya mountains. Jatayu never met his brother thereafter. When Ravan was carrying away Sita, Jatayu tried to deliver Sita, but was fatally wounded by Ravan who cut off his wings.
  • Thus it was that Ram and Lakshman found him. Jatayu told them about Ravan and then breathed his last.
  • Ram and Lakshman then cremated Jatayu, who attained salvation.


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