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Javat Village / Yav Gram / जावट ग्राम

Javat, or Yav-Gram, lies approximately two miles east of Nand-Gaon, and is one of the places where the Divine Couple Shri Radha-Krishna perform highly confidential pastimes. It is not possible to describe all the pastimes that took place here. Sometimes, Rasika Shri Krishna would adorn His chest here with the red lac, or Javaka, from Radhika's lotus feet. This place, which is decorated with a vat (banyan) tree is renown as Javat or Yav-gram. [1]

The gopi Jatila used to live in this village with her son Abhimanyu and daughter Kutila. Maharaj Vrishabhanu married his beloved daughter, Radhika, to Jatila's son Abhimanyu on the instruction of Yogmaya Purnamasi. Although Abhimanyu had the conception that he was Radhika's husband, by the power of Bhagvati Yogmaya he could not even touch Her shadow. Instead, out of shyness, he always busied himself by looking after his cows in the cowshed or spending time with his friends. Jatila and Kutila remained wholly occupied in household chores. On various deceptive pretexts the clever sakhis would arrange meetings between Shrimati Radhika and Shri Krishna. Actually these meetings were brought about by Yogmaya to nourish the rasa of paramour love, because Radhika is the embodiment of Shri Krishna's pleasure giving potency (hladini-Sakti), and the crown jewel of Krishna's eternal beloveds. Fire and its power to burn, or the sun and its light, are intrinsically one in nature and cannot be separated from each other. Similarly, Shri Krishna and His para-Sakti Shri Radha are eternally non-different and inseparable from each other; They are one soul manifest in two forms solely to taste Ras-vilas. Ravan could not so much as touch the original Sita. He was only able to kidnap her shadow. One can reconcile Abhimanyu and Shrimati Radhika's relationship in the same way. Maharaja Vrishabhanu built a beautiful royal palace for his darling daughter in Javat, in which Shrimatiji lived happily with Her girlfriends. Every morning, Mukhara used to come here to see her beloved granddaughter. Bhakti-Ratnakar gives charming accounts of the pastimes that took place here.[2]


One day, Shri Krishna could not meet with Radhika because She was in mana. He became most agitated in separation from Her, so on the advice of Vishakha, He disguised Himself as a brahman student. He donned a sacred thread across His shoulder and wooden shoes on His feet. Carrying a begging bowl and staff in His hands and a book under His arm, He arrived at the door of Jatila's house in Javat and began begging by calling out God's name. Since it was morning time, Jatila and Kutila were making cow-dung patties and had not yet bathed. Because they were not clean, they could not give any alms in charity. They therefore called for Radhika and ordered Her to give alms to the brahman, but Radhika refused to come before any man other than Her husband. The beggar boy had His own unique style. "Mother," He said, "I cannot stay here very long. I can only wait for as long as it takes to milk a cow and no longer. It is already time for Me to go."

Jatila thought, "If this young brahman leaves empty-handed, it will not be at all auspicious for my family and the cows or any of my family members may die." She entered the house and in a gentle way explained the situation to her daughter-in-law, repeatedly requesting Her to give the mendicant some alms. She then returned to make cow-dung patties. Radhika covered Her face with Her veil and carried a plate of flour, lentils and vegetables to the door. Lalita, Vishakha and the other sakhis accompanied Her. When She tried to offer them to the beggar, He humbly petitioned Her, "I have no need for these alms. Please place Your precious man in My begging bowl." Now Priyaji understood everything. She smiled, uncovered Her face a little and emptied the whole plate on top of His head. Delighted, the young beggar went His way, meditating upon the alms He had just received from Radhika.


The following pastime also took place here. Once, Mother Yashoda was in her storeroom, organising some skirts, blouses, shawls and other expensive clothes and ornaments to be placed in a large chest, when mischievous Krishna burst into the room. He came up behind her, put His arms around her neck and insisted on knowing what she was doing. "Maiya, is it My birthday today?" He asked. "Are you preparing all of these clothes and ornaments for Me?" "Go and play now," Maiya answered with some irritation. "Do not disturb me." Krishna felt somewhat dejected and left, only to observe what His mother was doing from a hidden place. Mother Yashoda was preparing this box to send to Radhika in Javat.. She would occasionally send such gifts to please the hard-hearted Jatila, so that she would not prohibit her daughter-in-law from coming to Nand-Bhavan. Clever Shri Krishna understood this fact, so when His mother finished packing the chest and became absorbed in other household chores, Krishna made His way with Subala Sakha to the room in which the chest lay. They unlocked it and removed its contents, and Krishna climbed inside. Subala closed the lid and locked it as before. Yashoda had requested Abhimanyu to personally come and collect the box because it was filled with expensive gifts and should not be given to anyone else. Abhimanyu put the box on his head and with great difficulty carried it to his mother in Javat-gram. Jatila said, "My son, this box is filled with very expensive clothes and ornaments for my daughter-in-law, so put it in Her room." He happily placed the box in Radhika's room and left. When the sakhis eagerly opened the box and saw the mischievous Syamsundar inside, they burst out laughing. Their bliss knew no bounds. With intense prem, Radha and Krishna met, which filled the sakhis with great satisfaction.


Once, Radhika was in man and did not meet Krishna for several days. The sakhis tried various means to convince Her to give up Her man, but on this occasion Her mana was fixed and therefore difficult to subdue. Krishna's separation from Radha filled Him with great distress. Subala Sakha therefore began to hatch a plan to help Him meet with Raffia. Subala exactly resembles Radhika in age, beauty, speech and so forth and is skilled in many arts. He consoled Krishna, saying, "Why are You so distressed? You should wait in this kunja for a short time while I arrange Your meeting with Priyaji." Saying this, he went to Yav-Gram. When Jatila saw him there, she cried out, "Subala, you are the friend of that licentious debauchee Krishna; why are you hovering around our house? Leave this place immediately." Subala replied, "Maiya, one of my calves is lost and I cannot find it anywhere. I have come to search for it." "Your calf has not come here," Jatila answered. "Leave at once." Subala repeatedly requested her to please allow him to look for his calf, and she finally relented. "I am going now to make cow-dung patties. Go to the cowshed and search for your calf, and if you find it, take it." Subala became delighted and reached Radhika's balcony through the cowshed. He gave such a heart-rending description of Krishna's condition of separation that Shrimatiji's heart melted. She immediately gave up Her man and prepared Herself to go and console Krishna, but how would She be able to leave Her house? Subala then gave Her his clothes and She disguised Herself as him, carrying a stick and wearing a twisted turban on Her head, a dhoti around Her waist, and a necklace of gunja-seeds around Her neck. Carrying a small calf in Her arms, She appeared to be Subala happily leaving, having found his lost calf. She held the calf in such a way that no one would notice Her breasts and become suspicious. Meanwhile, Subala, disguised as Radhika, became immersed in conversation with the sakhis. When Jatila saw Shrimatiji disguised as Subala leaving the cowshed, she asked, "So, did you find your calf?" Radhika answered in Subala's voice. "Just see, Maiya," She said, "I have found it." Jatila did not become even the slightest bit suspicious. Radhika finally reached Krishna, having made Her way to the location as indicated by Subala. Distressed in separation, Krishna asked Her, "Sakha, were you unable to bring My beloved? My life is coming to an end. What should I do? Where should I go?" Upon seeing Krishna in such a miserable condition, Shrimatiji could not contain Herself. She put the calf down and embraced Him. By Her tender touch and by the fragrance of Her body, Krishna understood everything and all His sorrow went far away. He repeatedly praised the intelligence of Subala, and proceeded to enjoy delightful pastimes with His beloved. After some time, Subala also arrived there and became so happy to watch Their meeting.


Once, Shri Krishna's desire to meet Radhika was so intense that He became very restless. That evening, with the hope of meeting Radhika, He went to Javat and waited outside Jatila's mansion under a ber tree. Climbing upon a branch of that tree, He started cooing like a black cuckoo (kokila). Shrimati and Her girlfriends understood that this kokila was none other than Shri Krishna in the ber tree eagerly awaiting a meeting. However, whenever Krishna tried to enter the house, the vigilant Jatila, hearing a sound, would call out, "Who is there?" and Krishna would again hide in the bushes. This continued all night long, and thus Krishna's attempts to meet with Radhika were repeatedly foiled. In the end, He gave up hope and left, dejected. Shri Rup Goswami has described this incident in his book Ujjval-Nilmani (1.16):

sanketi-krta-kokiladi-ninadam kansa-dvisah kurvato
dvaronmocana-lolankhavalaya-kvanam muhuh srnvatah
keyam keyam iti pragalbha-jarati-vakyena dunatmano
radha-prangana-kona-koli-vitapi-krode gata sharvari

In this verse, one sakhi is describing Shri Radha-Krishna's paradhinata [3] of the previous night to her dear friend: "Last night, Shri Krishna was standing under a ber tree in Radhika's courtyard, cooing like a kokila again and again. Shrimatiji under-stood His signal but, whenever She went to open the door, Her bangles and ankle-bells made such a loud sound that even Shri Krishna heard them. From inside the house, haughty old Jatila would repeatedly call out, `Who is there?' Hearing her loud call, Shri Krishna, with a distressed heart, spent the whole night under that ber tree." May Shri Yav-Gram be victorious as it conceals so many sweet memories.

Important Places

  1. Jatila's house- In the western part of the village, on a high hillock, is the large house of Jatila, in which there are deities of Jatila, Kutila and Abhimanyu. Now a temple of Shri Radha-Kantaji is also there. The sakhis arrange meetings between Shrimatiji and Krishna here by deceiving Jatila, Kutila and Abhimanyu.
  1. The cowshed (Vatsakhora)- On the pretext of having lost his calf, Subala Sakha deceived Jatila and sent Shrimati Radhika, disguised as him, to meet with Krishna. Even today, this cowshed of Abhimanyu is known by the name Vatsakhora.
  2. Beriya- Beriya is situated near the cowshed. Within the dense kunjas here was a ber tree. Once, Krishna waited here all night long to meet with Radhika.
  3. Panihari-Kund- North of Beriya is Panihari-kund. The gopis used to come here to fetch water. Pani means "water", and hari means "taking". Sometimes, Krishna met with the gopis here.
  4. Mukhara's pathway- Every morning, Mukhara joyfully trod this path to visit her granddaughter Radhika and bestow blessings upon Her. She would then return by the same path.
  5. Kutila Dushan-Sthan- This is where Jatila's daughter Kutila, due to her wicked nature, would always direct all kinds of accusations at Radhika. She would falsely accuse Radhika of various transgressions. Once, she saw Radhika meeting with Krishna at this place. She locked Them inside a room and created an uproar by which she was able to gather together Purnima, her mother Jatila, her older brother Abhimanyu and her younger brother Durmada. She announced to them that she had locked her disgraced sister-in-law in this room together with Krishna. When the door was opened, however, everyone saw Radhaji worshipping a deity of Kali. What happened next? They all began to chastise Kutila for making false accusations. Kutila pulled a long face and walked away. [Dushan means "disgracing" or "dishonouring".]
  6. Radhika's pathway (Radhika gaman-path)- Radhika and Her sakhis used this path to go to worship the Sungod and to return. Along the road is a kadamb forest , where Krishna would eagerly approach Radhika. As She tried to escape, He would tug at the corner of Her cloth to stop Her. This pastime is described in Bhakti-Ratnakar.[4]
  7. Pivan-kund- This kund lies in the middle of Kadamb-Khanan, where the eager Krishna, guided by the sakhis, drank the nectar of Radhika's lips. This kund is therefore called Pivan-kund (pina means "to drink"). This kund is the witness to the Divine Couple's amorous pastimes. Bhakti-Ratnakar describes this incident.[5]
  1. Krishna-Kund- This pond, which is surrounded by dense banyan trees, provides a concealed setting for various pastimes of the Divine Couple Shri Radha-Krishna. It lies in the southern part of Javat. Once, Shri Krishna came here to swing with Radhika and Her girlfriends under these closely-packed banyan trees. That day the sakhis were late in arriving here, so rasika Krishna considered what act of naughtiness He could perform. Without waiting for the sakhis, He Himself hung a swing from the branch of a tree and asked Shrimatiji to sit on it. Yet the swing was so high that She was unable to climb up on it. On the pretext of helping Her on to the swing, Shri Krishna lifted Her up in His arms and embraced Her. Thus, even before the swing-festival began, the Youthful Couple submerged Themselves in waves of delight. At that moment, the sakhis arrived at this swing-festival, laughing and joking, and they too drowned in delight.
  2. Ladali-Kund- At this place, Lalitaji secretly arranged meetings between Shri Radha-Krishna Yugal.
  3. The place where a boon was given (situated near Narad-kund) Here, Durvasa Rishi gave Radhika the boon that whatever She cooked with Her own hands would at once become like divine nectar (amrta), and whoever partook of this food would become immortal, invincible, greatly valiant and able to defeat everyone, including demigods and demons. This narration is found in Padma Purana.
  4. The path to go cow herding (Gocharan-path)- Shri Krishna and His sakhas used this path to go cow herding and to return home. At this time, Radha and Krishna, unseen by all others, would meet with each other. The following verse by Shri Saradakara found in Shri Padyavali reveals the beauty of Shri Krishna when going cow herding: [6]"I worship Govinda, whose complexion is the colour of a blossoming blue lotus, whose face is like the moon, who is fond of wearing a peacock feather in His crown, whose chest bears the mark of Shrivatsa and is adorned with the Kaustubh gem, who is attired in beautiful yellow garments, whose handsome form the gopis worship with sidelong glances, whose companions are multitudes of cows and gopas, who plays sweet melodies on the flute, and whose body is decorated with glittering ornaments."
  5. Kishori-Kund, or Radha-Kund- In the eastern part of Javat are a temple of Kishoriji and Kishorikund. Sometimes, Shri Krishna used to play in the water of this kund with Radhika and the sakhis. This kund is sprinkled with the kunkum, saffron and other cosmetics from the bodies of the sakhis and is still decorated with the memories of these pastimes, which are full of sweetness.
  6. Ras-mandal- Here, Radhika and Her sakhis, being overwhelmed with prem, performed Ras and other pastimes with the seven-year-old Krishna.[7]
  7. The place of Padmavati wedding (Padmavati vivah-sthal)- In this place, the jovial girls of Braj celebrated the wedding of Chandravali's sakhi Padmavati with Nand-nandan. The heart of kishori Shrimati Radhika is very liberal. On Her indication, Lalita and the other sakhis decorated Padmavati as a bride and seated her on Krishna's left. The sakhis then tied the corner of Padmavati's veil with Krishna's yellow cloth and began singing wedding songs. Padmavati felt very shy as she gazed upon Krishna.
  8. Chir-kund and Hindola-sthan (the place of the swing)- These very attractive places are situated near Kishori-kund.
  9. Paral-Ganga- This place lies in the north-western part of Javat. Radhika manifested a stream of Bhagvati Ganga here. It is said that this Paral-Ganga is a pond endowed with transcendental power. On the western bank of this pond is an ancient parijata tree, which blossoms in the month of Vaishakh (March–April). It is accepted that this tree was planted by the hands of Radha Herself and still exists today.


  1. radha Padataladyatra
    javakah svalto' bhavat
    yasatajjava vatam llama
    vikhyatam prithvi tale --- Brahad Gautamtya
  2. abhimanyu rahe nija go-gopa-samaje , jatila kutila sada rahe grhakarye
    sakhi sucatura krishne aniya ethaye, dorthara vilase dekhe ullasa hiyaya
    jatila, kutila, abhimanyu bhadaiya, vilase kautuke Krishna ethai asiya
    mukhara natini etha dekhiya ullase, jatilara prati kata kahe mrdubhase
    ei khane kutila haiya mahaharsa, radhikaya dusite karaye paramarsa
    ei pathe radhika calena suryalaye, kadamba kanane rahi Krishna nirikhaye
    pathe asiradhikara vastra akarsaya, raikanu dohara kautuka atisaya---Bhakti-Ratnakar
  3. Being under Jatila's vigilant eye, Radha and Krishna were unable to meet. They were thus paradhinata, or "under control". The prem that manifest at this time is called paradhinata prem.
  4. kadamb khanane, rahi Krishna nirikhaye
    pathe asiradhikara,vastra akarsaya rat kanu dohara,kautuka atisaya ---Bhakti-Ratnakar
  5. e pivan kund nadi , kadamb kanane sukhe radhaKrishna, vilasaye sakhisane
    parama kautuki Krishna, sakhi ingita paiya
    radhikara adhara sudha, piye matta haiya ---Bhakti-Ratnakar
  6. phullendivara-kantim indu-vadanam barhavatamsa-priyarm
    Shri-vatsankam udara-kaustubh-dharam pitambaram sundaram
    gopinam nayanotpalarcita-tanum go-gopa-sanghavrtam
    govindam kala-venu-vadana-param divyanga-bhusam bhaje
  7. yatra radha-karodrasam, krishnena saha vihvala
    sapta-varsa svarupena, sakhibhir-bahudha sukham ---Braj-Bhakti-Vilas