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Kaikeyi / कैकेयी

  • Kaikeyi was a princess of Kekay, daughter of king Ashvapati and sister of Yudhajit.
  • Kaikeyi was the wife of king Dashrath of Ayodhya and mother of his third son Bharat.
  • She carefully tended Dashrath when he was wounded in a battle with the Asur Shambar and in gratitude he promised to grant any two requests she might make.
  • Kaikeyi did not demand anything then, but said that she would ask when she needed something. Urged by the malignant counsels of Manthara, a female attendant, she made use of this promise to procure the exile of Ram, and to promote the advancement of her own son, Bharat, as king of Ayodhya.


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