Kali Yug

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Kaliyug / कलयुग

  • The fourth or present age of the world, which is to endure for 1200 divine years or 432,000 years of man. It commenced in 3102 B.C. Acts of sin predominate in this Yug.
  • It is in this Yug that the tenth Avatar of Vishnu as Kalki will take place to restore the world to righteousness.
  • The destruction of the world takes place at the end of this Yug, after which the process of creation begins again.
  • Kali is the lord of Kaliyug. He was reborn as Duryodhan, the Kaurav prince.
  • Once Kali and Dvapar were on their way to Damyanti's Svayamvar, but Indra and the other gods told them that the Svayamvar was over and Damyanti had chosen for Nal. Kali was furious and decided to take revenge. He asked Dvapar to enter the dice while he would enter Nal and then bring about the downfall of Nal. After twelve years, the opportunity arrived and Kali took that moment to enter Nal's person. Dvapar entered Pushkar's person, the brother of Nal, and prevailed upon him to challenge his brother to a game of dice. The game began and Kali manipulated the dice, and thus Nal lost his kingdom and was forced to live in the forest. In the forest, Nal saved the serpent Karkotak from a fire. The serpent bit him in return, which changed his colour and told Nal that this was so that Kali, who had cheated him and entered his person, would suffer from the poison he had injected in him. Later, when Nal learnt the science of dice from king Rituparn, he vomited out the poison and with it came out Kali. Kali begged him not to curse him, guaranteeing Nal that his descendants would not have to fear him.