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Keechak / कीचक

  • Keechak was the eldest son of a king of Kekay, and brother of Sudeshna, queen of Virat.
  • Keechak was made commander-in-chief of the Matsya army by his brother-in-law. His strength and skill made him the most feared and respected person in the Matsya kingdom.
  • The Pandavs spent their thirteenth year of exile in Matsya, working in king Virat's palace under assumed names.
  • Draupadi assumed the name of Malini, and served the queen Sudeshna and her daughter Uttara. Towards the end of the year, when Keechak returned to the palace, he noticed Draupadi and started making advance at her, which Draupadi resisted, and warned him about her husbands, who were Gandharvs. Draupadi prayed to Surya for help, who appointed an invisible Daemon for her security.
  • Keechak, one day, sought the help of his sister and Sudeshna sent the helpless Draupadi to Keechak's chamber with some food. Keechak tried to catch her, but Draupadi ran, and he caught hold of her hair and kicked her. The invisible Daemon gave him a push and Keechak fell down senseless. That night Draupadi went to Bhim crying and complained of her plight. She and Bhim hatched a plot. Draupadi then made an appointment with Keechak in the dancing hall at midnight when nobody would see or hear them. But instead of Draupadi lying there in wait for him, Keechak found Bhim. A terrible battle ensued at the end of which Keechak was killed by Bhim. Rumours were that the Gandharv husbands of Draupadi had killed Keechak. When the hundred and five brothers of Keechak were taking his body to be cremated they forcefully also took Draupadi along. On hearing her cries, Bhim came once again to her rescue and brought about the end of the brothers of Keechak.


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