Khandav Van

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Khandav Van / खांडव वन

Khandav Van was a forest in Kurukshetra, which was burnt by the god of fire Agni aided by Arjun and Krishna. To help Arjun and Krishna in their combat against Indra, who would try to stop Agni from consuming the forest, Agni asked Varun to give Arjun the Gandiv bow, two quivers with an inexhaustible stock of arrows and a chariot yoked with horses. Krishna received the Sudarshan Chakra and the mace Kaumodki. Indra sent showers of rain to protect the family of his friend, the serpent Takshak, but the downpour was stopped by Arjun who created an umbrella with his arrows. The serpent Takshak was at Kurukshetra and so was spared, but his son Ashvasen was present, who later escaped with the help of Indra. Krishna killed many demons, and was about to kill the Asur May, when the latter was saved by Arjun. The whole forest was consumed by Agni, only Ashvasen, May and four birds (sons of Mandpal and Jarita) were spared.