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Kuber / कुबेर

  • Kuber was a son of Vishrava by his wife Devvarnini.
  • Kuber performed severe penance to please Brahma, upon which the latter decided to grant him a boon. Kuber requested that he be made one of the Dikpals, and the guardian of wealth, and be granted the status of god.
  • Brahma granted all his boons, and Kuber came to be the god of wealth, and was appointed as the Dikpal of the northern quarter.
  • Brahma also gave Kuber the Pushpakviman as vehicle.
  • At his father's suggestion, Kuber settled in Lanka with the Yaksh, Kinnars, etc. as his followers and attendants.
  • The other sons of Vishrava, such as Ravan and Kumbhkarn, had in the meanwhile, obtained boons from Brahma. Ravan, who had been given the power to conquer the three worlds, fought with his half-brother Kuber, and drove him out of Lanka.
  • Kuber was also deprived of his vehicle, the Pushpakviman, and he cursed Ravan that the vehicle would never be his, but would be the possession of one who would kill him.
  • The god of wealth then repaired to the mountain Gandhmadan with the Yaksh, Kinnars, etc. Later, he shifted his residence to Mount Kailash. Here, he lived in a magnificent palace, studded with gems, and surrounded by the beautiful Apsaras and the melodious Gandharvs. A wonderful garden was cultivated for him by the Devgandharv Chitrarath, with whom he had a good friendship. Kuber also had an enchanting lotus pond. It was in this pond, that the Pandav prince Bhim found the Saugandhik flowers. Kuber was married to Bhadra and had two sons, Nalkubar and Manigriv. The capital city of Kuber was called Alka.