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Lala Babu Temple / लालाबाबू का मन्दिर

  • Shri Lala Babu was a famous and wealthy landlord of East Bengal. He used to go for walks a little distance from his mansion on the other side of the river, along its elegant bank.
  • Once, as he was walking, he heard a boatman remark, "O brother, the day is over. Go across." Hearing the boatman's words, he became immersed in contemplation.
  • He crossed the river by boat and returned home. The next day, during his walk, he heard the voice of a washerman addressing his wife, "The day is over; go and burn the vasana." (Washermen burn banana plants and prepare a kind of alkali for washing clothes. In Bengali, the bark of the banana plant is called vasana. But, vasana also means "desire" or "passion") Lala Babu took this remark to mean, "The day is over; the days of your life are also over.
  • Quickly burn your lusty desires." The statements of the boatman and the washerman left a deep impression on him.
  • He abandoned his grandiose life and his family and came to Vrindavan, where he began performing bhajana.
  • Bhakta Lala Babu installed the deity of Shri Krishna chandra in 1810 AD in this magnificent stone temple.

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