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Lav Kush / लव कुश

Lav was one of the twins-son of king Ram by his wife Sita, and brother of Kush. He and his brother Kush were brought up by the Rishi Valmiki and taught by him to recite his poem Ramayan. After the death of Ram, Kosal was divided into two, Northern and Southern Kosal. Lav ruled over Norhtern Kosal and the city named Shravasti became the capital of Lav.

Kush was a son of king Ram by his wife Sita, and twin-brother of Lav. Since Sita was abandoned by Ram, Lav and Kush were born in the forest, in the hermitage of sage Valmiki. Here, with Valmiki as their preceptor, they learnt all the Veds, and the use of weapons. They also learned to recite the poem Ramayan, which was written by Valmiki. One day, king Ram decided to perform the Ashvamedh sacrifice. Rishis and kings from all over the country attended it. Valmiki went there with Sita and her sons. On the advise of Valmiki, Kush and Lav recited the verses of the Ramayan. When Ram heard this beautiful recitation of his story, he asked who they were. They revealed their identity and thus the twins were reunited with their father. After the death of Lakshman, Ram divided his kingdom into two. Kush was crowned king of South Kosal. The city Kushavati was built, which became the capital of Kush. Kush was married to Kumudvati and they had a son named Suhotra.


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