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Luk Luki Kund / लुकलुकी कुण्ड

Luk Luki Kund is another site of Shri Krishna's water-sports (jal krida), and is therefore also known as Jal Krida Kund.While grazing the cows, Krishna would sometimes leave His play with the sakhas for a while to meet with the gopis in this lovely, secluded place. Krishna played hide-and-seek (luka-chipi) here with the Braj ramanis. The gopis closed their eyes, and Krishna hid in a cave in a nearby hill. The sakhis searched for Him everywhere, but were unable to find Him. They became very worried. "Where could Krishna have gone, leaving us behind?" they thought, and they began to meditate on Him. That place where they meditated on Krishna is called Dhyan Kund, and the cave in which Krishna was hiding is called Luk Luka Khandar.


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