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Mahavidya Devi Temple / महाविद्या देवी मन्दिर

  • Once, Maharaja Nand, Yashoda devi, Krishna, Baldev and other gopas came to Ambikavan on pilgrimage.
  • They bathed in the sacred water of the Sarasvati River, worshipped Pashupati (Gokarna Mahadev) and stayed overnight.
  • That night, a huge python caught Nand Baba and slowly began to swallow him. Everyone tried to save him, but to no avail.
  • Nand Baba cried out to Krishna in great distress, and something wonderful took place – Krishna touched the python with His foot, and he at once gave up his huge snake body and assumed the form of a beautiful Vidhyadhara <balloon title="A celestial being" style="color:blue">*</balloon>.
  • The Vidyadhara stood up and paid his respect to Shri Krishna. On Krishna's inquiry, he revealed his identity. "I was a Vidyadhara named Sudarshana," he said. "Once, while flying in an airplane, I saw some deformed sages in the lineage of Angira Muni and made fun of them. They cursed me to become a snake.
  • Today that curse has proved to be a benediction, because the touch of Your lotus feet has not only freed me from the curse, but has also made my life successful."
  • This place is famous as Mahavidya Devi or Ambika Devi. Along the parikrama path after this holy place comes Saraswati Kund, Chamunda Devi and Rajak Vadh Tila.

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