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Manasi Ganga / मानसी गंगा

Manasi Ganga, Govardhan, Mathura

Driven by the gopis insistence that He atone for the sin of killing a bull (Vrsabhasura), Shri Krishna created Manasi ganga from His mind and became pure by bathing in its waters.

According to a second story, once Shri Nand Maharaj,Yashoda and the other gopas and gopis took Krishna and Balaram with them on a journey to the Ganga to take bath. That night, they rested near Govardhan. Krishna questioned the need for them to travel so far when all holy places reside in Braj. He remembered Ganga devi, and at once Bhagavati Bhagirathi-Ganga's strong current brought her to this spot, making a sweet sound. At the head of this current was Ganga-devi, mounted on an alligator. This darsana astonished Nand, Yashoda, and the gopas, gopis and other Braj vasis. Krishna said, "All holy places exist in Braj. You wanted to bathe in the Ganga, so Ganga-devi has personally appeared before you today. Please bathe in her waters without delay." Ganga-devi appeared here on the dark night (Amavasya) of Kartika on the day of Dipavali. Large numbers of faithful people bathe here on Dipavali and take darshan of Shri Harideva. On all of Manasi-ganga's banks people offer ghee lamps.

According to a third story, Krishna used to sport in the Yamuna, sometimes with His sakhas and sometimes with His beloved gopis. When Bhagavati Ganga beheld the great fortune of Yamuna, her younger sister, she also became overwhelmed by a strong desire to serve the Divine Couple Shri Radha-Krishna. She expressed this yearning to Yamuna and requested her help. Krishna's dear Shri Yamuna entreated her beloved Krishna to bestow His mercy upon her elder sister, so when the time was right, Shri Krishna summoned Gangaji to Braj and blessed her by frolicking in her waters with the gopis.
The stone ghatas at Manasi Ganga were built by King Bhagavan dasa, the father of Maria Singh, a king of Jaipura.


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