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Marich / मारीच

  • Marich was a Rakshas, son of the demon Sund by his wife Tadka, brother of Subahu and the uncle of the demon-king Ravan.
  • In courage, strength, skill and magical power there was no Rakshas equal to Marich. Proud of their strength, he and his brother Subahu used to harass the sages and disturb their rites and sacrifices by putting out the sacrificial fire with contaminating blood and flesh.
  • Vishvamitra sought the help of young Ram. Subahu was killed by Ram and with another arrow Ram swept Marich of his feet and flung him into the south sea.
  • Since then Marich gave up his ways and lived as an ascetic. When Khar, Dushan, Trishira and their army were destroyed by Ram, Shurpnakha repaired to Ravan, so that her insult could be avenged.
  • Ravan went to his uncle Marich and asked him to assume the form of a golden deer and tempt Sita. Marich advised Ravan against doing so and causing the destruction of Lanka and the Rakshas race.
  • He also reminded Ravan that though the latter could not be vanquished by a Rakshas, god or Gandharv, he was susceptible to the arrows of a man.
  • Ravan ignored his advice and threatened Marich with his life if he did not take part. The plan was that when Ram tried to capture the golden deer for her, Marich was to run away and make Ram and Lakshman follow him, so that Sita would be alone, and Ravan could abduct her.
  • Accordingly, Marich assumed the form of a golden deer, and went to the hermitage, where Ram, Lakshman and Sita were residing. On seeing the beautiful deer, Sita asked Ram to get him for her.
  • Ram left Lakshman behind, and followed the deer, which took him far into the forest, and then he shot it.
  • Marich immediately assumed his own form, and then cried out for Lakshman and Sita in Ram's voice and died. The cry was meant to mislead Lakshman, who, thinking that it was Ram, would run to help, thus leaving Sita alone. In this way, with the help of Marich, Ravan succeeded in kidnapping Sita.


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