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Meghnad / मेघनाद

  • Indrajit was also the name of Meghnad
  • He was the son of Ravan by his wife Mandodari.
  • When Ravan went against Indra's forces in Svarg, his son Meghnad accompanied him, and fought most valiantly.
  • Indra himself was obliged to interfere, when Meghnad, availing himself of the magical power of becoming invisible, which he had obtained from Shiv, bound Indra and carried him off to Lanka.
  • The gods, headed by Brahma, went thither to obtain the release of Indra, and Brahma gave to Meghnad the name Indrajit, conqueror of Indra.
  • Still the victor refused to release his prisoner for anything less than the boon of immortality. Brahma refused, saying that immortality was out of question.
  • Indrajit then asked for the following, that when he should perform a particular sacrifice, a chariot saddled with horses should emerge and he should be invincible so long as he fought from that chariot, and if he did not manage to complete the sacrifice he would remain his mortal self and could be killed by anybody. The boon was granted.
  • When Hanuman entered Lanka to look for Sita, he was captured by Indrajit who used the Brahmastra.
  • Later, when the war between Ram and Ravan began, Indrajit fought bravely. He once used serpent darts and bound by it, both Ram and Lakshman became unconscious.
  • But with the arrival of Garud, both of them were freed, the serpents having disappeared at the sight of the enemy.
  • Finding victory impossible by normal means, Indrajit, using his magical powers, created a statue of Sita, which he took out on his chariot and killed her, thus hoping to gain time by demotivating Ram.
  • He then proceeded to perform the sacrifice and make use of Brahma's boon. Ram and Lakshman were stunned and were almost on the verge of giving up the battle, when Vibhishan came and told them about Indrajit's magical powers and the boon that the latter had obtained from Brahma.
  • Ram immediately despatched Lakshman with an army to prevent Indrajit from completing the sacrifice.
  • A terrible battle ensued at the end of which Indrajit was slain by Lakshman.


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