Moti Kund, Nand Gaon

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Moti Kund / Mukta Kund

This charming Kund, situated about one mile north of Nandishwar Tadag, is surrounded by karil and pilu trees. While cow herding with His friends, Krishna used to bring the cows here to drink. He and the sakhas also drank water here and performed many pastimes together. Once, Krishna planted pearls (moti or mukta) here and produced an abundant crop. When Krishna passed from childhood to enter youth, Yashoda Maiya began to think about His betrothal. She was particularly inclined toward the daughter of Vrishabhanu Maharaja, Kishori Radha, who was endowed with all good qualities. Kirtida came to know what Yashoda was thinking and, after discussing it with her husband, Varishabhanu , they sent many varieties of clothes and ornaments together with a basketful of pearls to Nand Bhavan for the engagement. Nand and Yashoda became overjoyed, but it also caused them anxiety. Custom demanded that they send an even greater quantity of pearls to Barsana in exchange for the engagement gifts, but they simply did not have that many pearls. When Krishna entered the house He saw that His parents were in anxiety, and asked them the reason why. Yashoda maiya explained the situation to Krishna, who simply said, "Do not worry. I will quickly arrange something."

At an opportune moment, Krishna quietly took all of His parents' pearls, dug a field near this kund, and planted them in it. Every day, He irrigated the field with cow's milk. When Nand Baba and Yashoda-maiya could not find the few pearls they had, they became even more concerned and asked Krishna if He knew where they might be. "Yes," Krishna said. "I have planted those pearls, and very soon they will bear many more."
Hearing this, Baba and Maiya exclaimed, "Oh, lala, has anyone ever farmed pearls?"
Krishna smiled. "Yes," He said, "and when My pearls will sprout and fructify, you will see this for yourselves."
Surprisingly, the pearls began to sprout after a few days, and lush, green plants emerged. A few days later, those plants bore fruit; and as these fruits ripened, radiant and splendid divine pearls began to manifest. Now there was a great abundance of pearls. Krishna gave a large amount to His mother, who was able to fill three or four beautiful baskets with pearls, golden ornaments and clothes, and send them to Barsana to confirm the betrothal of Radha to Krishna. When Radhika and Her sakhis heard that Shri Krishna had planted pearls and reaped a huge crop, they asked Him for some. However, Krishna flatly refused. "When I requested some milk from you to irrigate My pearls, you refused to give Me any. Now I will decorate My cows with ornaments made from these pearls, but I will not give any to you." Vexed, the gopis stole pearls from their own homes, dug a field and planted them. Although they irrigated the field with cow-milk for many days, the pearls did not sprout pearl plants – only thorny bushes that were completely devoid of fruit emerged from the soil.
The disappointed gopis returned to Krishna and narrated the whole story to Him. Krishna smiled and said, "Come, I want to see your pearl field Myself." Krishna went there and uprooted all the thorny plants. He planted His own ripened pearls and irrigated the field with cow-milk. Within a few days, these pearls sprouted and also bore pearls, filling the gopis hearts with joy.

Nand Gaon Kunds
Nand Gaon Kunds

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