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Nav Tirth / Nav Ghat / नवतीर्थ

  • The twelve following ghatas (numbered 13 to 24) lie south of Vishram Ghat.
  • Nav Tirth is situated north of the famous Asikund, or Asikund Ghat, which lies near Vishram-ghat.
  • All the sins of those who bathe in Asi-kund are destroyed, whether they are sins of body, mind or words.
  • By taking bath at Nav Tirth, one's bhakti develops to newer and higher stages.
  • There is no sacred place greater than this, nor will there ever be.[1]

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  1. uttare tvasiKundnca
    tirthantu navasarijnakam
    navatirthat param tirtha
    na bhutam na bhavisyati ---Adi-Varaha Purana