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Neel / नील

  • Neel was a monkey, son of Agni. He was created to help Vishnu in his incarnation as Ram.
  • When Bali was killed by Ram, Neel was asked to remove the fatal arrow that had pierced Bali's heart.
  • Sugriv sent Neel with Hanuman, Angad and Jambvan to look for Sita in the southern regions.
  • During the army's march to Lanka, Ram commanded Neel to go ahead with a hundred thousand warriors and explore the path ahead.
  • They were to lead the army through a path where fruits, water, honey and shade were available.
  • Neel was also warned to keep an eye on the Daemon, who may have laid traps on the way.
  • In the Ram-Ravan battle, he was commanded to lead the attack on the eastern gate of Lanka which was guarded by Prahast.
  • When Indrajit had made himself invisible, Ram sent monkeys, among them Neel, to ascertain what had become of the Daemon, but they remained unsuccessful.
  • In a combat with Prahast, the latter showered Neel with arrows. Being pierced with arrows, Neel uprooted a huge tree and attacked Prahast, destroying the Daemon's chariot and bow, and finally killed him with a rock.


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