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Nimi / निमि

  • Nimi was a king of Mithila, the twelfth son of Ikshvaku.
  • Nimi, once, wanting to perform a sacrifice, requested the sage Vasishth to conduct the sacrifice, but being occupied elsewhere, the latter asked the king to postpone the oblation.
  • Not having the patience to wait for the return of Vasishth, Nimi started the sacrifice with Rishi Gautam.
  • When Vasishth returned and heard that Nimi had proceeded with the sacrifice, he cursed the latter that he would lose his corporeal form.
  • The king got angry and returned the curse. The king's soul left his body, and his body fell to the ground.
  • The priests were frightened that the kingdom was without an heir, and so they churned the body of Nimi and from it they produced a child who they named Mithi Janak as he was born by churning.
  • Mithi then continued the line of Nimi.