Pavan Sarovar, Nand Gaon

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Pavan Sarovar

This sarovar, or lake, lies north of Nand Gaon when coming down from Nandishvar Hill, and is situated on the side of the highway that leads towards Kamyavan. The custom is to bathe in this lake before taking darshan of Nand, Yashoda and the others on the crest of the hill. It is said that Pavan Gopa, the father of Vishakha Sakhi, constructed this sarovar, thereby giving it its name. When Krishna and His friends would return from cow grazing, they would bring the cows here to drink. At that time, Krishna would call out "Niri-niri" and signal to the cows to enter the sarovar. He would then call out "Cun-cun" to induce the cows to drink water, and "Tiri-tiri" to call them back to the bank. The boys would satisfy the cows by having them drink water in this way before returning them to their resting place in the cowshed. The boys would then go back to their respective homes.
The Brajvasis would also bathe in the fragrant and pure water of Pavan Sarovar. Krishna used to bathe here and frolic in the water with His friends. On the far bank, Radhika used to bathe and play in the water with Her sakhis. Sometimes Krishna would dive in from His bank like a crocodile, make His way unseen to the bank of the sakhis, and catch their feet. In this way, He played with them. Maharaj Vrishabhanu had a beautiful palace built for his daughter Radhika on the northern bank of Pavan Sarovar. She played many games with Her sakhis in this palace, from which She could very easily have darshan of Her beloved Shri Krishna.

Nand Gaon Kunds
Nand Gaon Kunds

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