Phulvari Kund, Nand Gaon

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Phulvari Kund

This Kund is situated near Mukta Kund in the middle of a dense grove of kadamb trees. One day, Shri Radha and Her sakhis were picking flowers here when Krishna suddenly arrived and said, "Who are you? Every day, you steal flowers from My garden."
Hearing this, Radhika rebuked Him. "You don't know who I am?"
Saying no more, Krishna placed His flute to His lips and began to play, casting charming glances at Radha as He walked away. The very sight of Krishna leaving greatly distressed Radha, who fainted in separation from Him. Lalita thought that Radha had been stung by a black serpent. When She did not regain consciousness after several attempts to revive Her, the sakhis became most worried. Just then, Krishna arrived disguised as a doctor who cures one of snakebite. He removed the effect of the poison by chanting mantras and whispered in Shrimatiji's ear, "I have come. Just see." Hearing this, Radhika immediately sat up. She smiled to see Krishna nearby and an ocean of bliss welled up in the hearts of the sakhis. This pastime took place here.

Nand Gaon Kunds
Nand Gaon Kunds

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