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Prahlad / प्रह्लाद

  • Prahlad was a son of Daitya (Daemon) Hiranyakshipu by his wife Kayadhu.
  • Prahlad, while yet a boy, became an ardent devotee of Vishnu, which so enraged his father that he ordered the boy to be killed but not the weapons of the Daitya (Daemon)s, the fangs of serpents, the tusks of the celestial elephants, nor the flames of fire had any effect.
  • Vishnu then became incarnate as Narasimha and slew Hiranyakashipu.
  • After the death of his father, Prahlad became king of the Daitya (Daemon)s and dwelt in Patal (umder water world).
  • Prahlad was married to Dhriti, and had by her three sons, viz. Virochan, Kumbh and Nikumbh.