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Ravan / रावण

Ravan was a Daemon-king, son of Vishrava by his wife Kaikasi and grandson of the sage Pulastya. He was the brother of Kumbhkarn, Vibhishan and Shurpnakha and half-brother of Kuber. Ravan performed severe austerities to gain power. He lived on air and stood on one leg for a thousand years, till finally he started to cut off his ten heads, one by one, till at last Brahma appeared, returned to him all his ten heads, and granted him the boon that he would be able to assume any form at will and that he would never experience defeat at the hands of any being except man. After obtaining the boon, Ravan went to Lanka and defeated his half-brother Kuber, and gained the sovereignty of Lanka. Ravan began to terrorize all people on earth and received many curses from sages such as Dattatrey, Narad, Mandavya, Attri, Vasishth, etc. and also from Kuber's son Nalkubar, whose lover, Rambha, he had violated. Ravan also received a curse from Punjiksthala. It was because of the latter's curse that Ravan was unable to touch the unwilling Sita while she was in his captivity. Ravan was married to Mandodari and had by her two sons, viz. Meghnad and Akshkumar. Ravan also had a son named Atikay by his wife Dhanyamalini. Devantak, Narantak and Trishira too were the sons of Ravan. After Shurpnakha had been disfigured by Lakshman, she sought the help of her brother Khar, and after he was destroyed, she repaired to Ravan. Ravan, with the assistance of his uncle Marich, succeeded in drawing Ram and Lakshman away from the hermitage, and then assuming the form of an ascetic, he kidnapped Sita. The bird Jatayu tried to stop him, but he cut off his wings. After learning about the whereabouts of Sita, Ram went to Lanka with the army of the monkey-king Sugriv. Angad was first sent as a messenger of peace, but Ravan did not accept it. In the battle that ensued, Ram chopped off all Ravan's heads and killed him.


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