Sahasi Kund, Nand Gaon

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Sahasi Kund

Some distance to the east of Phulvari Kund is Vilasavat, and east of Vilasavat is Sahasi Kund. Here, the sakhis encouraged and arranged for Radha to meet with Krishna. The sakhis would hang a beautiful swing from the nearby banyan tree, and swing Radha and Krishna while singing songs in malhara and other ragas. Sometimes Krishna came here to meet with Radhika and enjoy pastimes with Her.
Another name of Sahasi Kund is Sarasi Kund. Krishna and Balram were inseparable. They would eat together, play together and even sleep together. Once, the two brothers were playing here when Yashoda maiya came looking for Them. She affectionately addressed Them as a pair of swans, or saras. Since then, this pond has been called Sarasi Kund. Near this Kund are Shyama Pipari Kund, Vata Kadamb, Kyari Vat Kund and numerous other Kunds. There used to be a grove (kyari) of banyan trees here.

Nand Gaon Kunds
Nand Gaon Kunds

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