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Sakshi Gopal Temple / साक्षी गोपाल का मन्दिर

  • West of the Shri Govind Deo Temple are the ruins of the Sakshi Gopal Temple. This ancient deity of Gopal went to Vidyanagar to act as a witness (sakshi).
  • Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita narrates the amazing story of Shri Gopalji, who is loving to His devotees (bhakta-vatsala).
  • In this case, this refers to an older and a younger brahmana. Upon arriving at Vidyanagar, Shri Gopalji testified before the assembled people.
  • He said, "The older brahmana was very pleased with the service of the younger brahmana, and promised to give his daughter in marriage to him.
  • I am the witness to this statement." In time, this deity went to Shri Jagannath Puri and is now present in Satyavadipura, about twelve miles from Puri.
  • Now, Satyavadipura is famous by the name of Sakshi Gopal. Since then, the temple of Sakshi Gopal in Vrindavan has been deserted, and today only its ruins remain.

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