Saraswati Patan Tirth

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Saraswati Patan Tirth / Krishna Ganga Ghat / सरस्वती पतनतीर्थ

  • Saraswati Patan Tirth lies near Gau Ghat, or Som Tirth. The river Saraswati used to meet the Yamuna here.
  • Another name of the river Saraswati is Shri Krishna Ganga. This Tirth is therefore also known as Krishna Ganga Ghat.
  • This ghat is related to Shri Krishna-dvaipayana Ved Vyas. He took birth from Matsyagandha Satyavati and Maharishi Parashar on an island in the Yamuna near here.
  • Some say that Shri Vyasdev composed Shrimad-Bhagavat here, and this is correct. Shrimad-Bhagavat is the treatise for the topmost transcendentalist, and is known as the Param-hansa-sanhita.
  • Ved vyas took instruction from Devarishi Narad. Through his practice of bhakti-yoga, he saw the Absolute Truth, Shri Krishna, and all His pastimes in Braj, Mathura and Dvarka.
  • How else could he have had darshan of Shri Krishna and describe the sweetest of His sweetest pastimes without having performed worship in Braj-dham, the sweetest of all sacred abodes? This is the opinion of learned devotees who are able to extract the essence of scripture.
  • One who bathes here is relieved from all types of sin and attains love of God. Even people of low caste become param-hansas, or the best of devotees, by bathing here.[1]

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  1. sarasvatyanca patanam
    sarva-papa-haram subham
    tatra snatva naro devil
    avarno'pi yatir bhavet ---Adi-Varaha Purana