Savitri Satyavan

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Savitri Satyavan / सावित्री सत्यवान

  • Savitri was a daughter of king Ashvapati. As she was a boon from the goddess Savitri, she too was named Savitri. Savitri grew up into a beautiful young maiden, but when no one asked for her hand, the king asked his daughter to travel the kingdom and select her husband herself.
  • Savitri returned from her journey and informed her father that she would like to get married to Satyavan, son of Dyumatsen. The sage Narad, who was present there, related to king Ashvapati all the good qualities of Satyavan. There was only one hitch, that Satyavan would die exactly one year from that day. In spite of hearing this, Savitri was adamant and finally Ashvapati relented and made the necessary arrangements for the marriage.
  • King Dyumatsen, who had become blind, had been forced to leave his kingdom, which had been captured by another king. He now lived in the forest with his wife and son. Therefore, after the marriage Savitri gave up all her ornaments and went to live in the forest with her husband.
  • Exactly a year later, on the foretold day, Savitri insisted on following the puzzled Satyavan to the forest to collect fruits and wood. While they were chopping wood, Satyavan suddenly fainted and collapsed. Savitri placed her husband's head on her lap. She saw then a figure approaching on a buffalo with a rope in his hand. In spite of the fact that she recognized him as the god of death, Savitri got up, bowed before him and asked him who he was and the reason for his visit. Yam replied that he was the god of death and he was here to collect her husband's soul, and saying thus, he took Satyavan's soul and departed.
  • Savitri followed Yam who, to send her back, said that he would grant her any boon except the life of Satyavan. Savitri asked for her father-in-law's eye-sight to be returned, and continued to follow Yam. Similarly she exhorted two more boons from Yam. Dyumatsen regained back his kingdom and a hundred sons were to be born to king Ashvapati to continue his line. Savitri still followed Yam. Seeing her devotion, Yam decided to give her still another boon.
  • Now Savitri asked for a hundred sons to be born to her directly from Satyavan. Yam granted this boon too. Immediately Savitri asked him how this would be possible if Satyavan was dead. Yam realised the trap and pleased with her devotion, he returned the life of Satyavan.