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Sevakunj / सेवाकुंज

Sevakunj or Nikunjvan
  • This place is also called Nikunjvan. It lies just near the temple of Shri Radha Damodar, to the south-west in Vrindavan.
  • A painting of Radhika with Shri Krishna massaging Her feet is worshipped here in a small temple.
  • The Brajavasis say that even today Shri Radha-Krishna Jugala perform Their pastimes here every night.
  • Everyone therefore leaves this kunj at dusk. Even the impudent monkeys independently leave this kunja as the evening falls.
  • From time to time it happens that someone stubbornly tries to remain here during the night, and in the morning is found dead.
  • Others have by some means escaped death, but have become completely insane. Bhakta Raskhan searched for Krishna all over Braj but without success.
  • Finally, he had darshan of rasika Shri Krishna at this very place. He has revealed this in his beautiful poetry as follows:[1]"Standing in the doorway of the kunj, I watch Krishna as He sits massaging Radhika's feet submissively." [The word palota here indicates that Krishna is massaging in the mood, "I will not go to Chandravali's kunj again."]
  • In Seva-kunj, we also find Lalita Kund. When Lalita was feeling thirsty during rasa, Krishna manifested this beautiful kund by digging it with His flute.
  • Lalita and the sakhis drank the kund's sweet, cool water and refreshed themselves. There is a keli-kadamba tree nearby whose every knot bulges out and resembles a round shalgram.


  1. dekhyo duryo vah kunj kutir mem
    baithyo palota radhika payan