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Shatrughna / शत्रुघ्न

  • Shatrughna was the youngest son of king Dashrath of Ayodhya born of Sumitra, the twin-brother of Lakshman and half-brother of Ram and Bharat.
  • He was very attached to the latter. Shatrughna was married to Shrutkirti, daughter of king Kushdhvaj.
  • He had by her two sons, Subahu and Shatrughati. Shatrughna, inseparable from Bharat, was in Kekay with the latter when their father died.
  • Shocked with the news of Dashrath's death and Ram's exile, Shatrughna, in his anger, almost killed Manthara, who had poisoned Kaikeyi's mind.
  • He was stopped by Bharat. He joined Bharat to Chitrakut to meet Ram. On receiving the news of Ram's return, Bharat commanded Shatrughna to see that the streets of Ayodhya were decorated.
  • Shatrughna too awaited Ram's arrival at Nandigram. When Ram commanded Bharat to slay the demon Lavan, Shatrughna intervened and offered to do the task himself, as Bharat, he said, had undergone enough tests and need not be put through any more trials.
  • Ram consented and agreed to install Shatrughna as king of Madhuvan. The confused Shatrughna regretted his hasty speech and requested Ram to withdraw his words, as it was not right for a younger brother to be installed when his elders were still alive.
  • His honesty delighted Ram and he commanded Lakshman and Bharat to make preparations for Shatrughna's immediate installation. Taking leave of his elders, Shatrughna left for Madhuvan. On the way, he stopped at the hermitage of sage Valmiki.
  • During the night, twins were born to Sita. Shatrughna resumed his journey the following day, stopping at the hermitage of sage Chyavana, where the latter warned him of the celestial spear of Lavan. Shatrughna surprised Lavan at a time when he did not have his spear and in the terrible battle that followed, Lavan was slain.
  • Shatrughna ruled Madhuvan, now become Mathura, for twelve years, after which he paid a short visit to Ayodhya. Having met his brothers, he returned to Mathura. When Ram and Bharat decided to renounce their lives, Shatrughna was sent for. Installing his sons Subahu and Shatrughati in Mathura and Vidisha respectively, Shatrughna returned to Ayodhya, where along with his brothers, he too ascended to heaven.


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